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The Phase 2 trial is successively testing for security and efficiency of 125mg oral daily dose and 250mg oral daily dose of GTx-758 as secondary hormonal therapy in men with castrate resistant prostate cancer.
Veloxis said the results also demonstrated that, over the 12 month study, the daily dose of LCP-Tacro could be lowered significantly compared to the baseline Prograf dose, while the target blood levels remained stable and within target range.
With a minimum daily dose of 400mg DHA and 200mg EPA, Opti3 always strives to be as high in strength as possible.
An FDA analysis of counterfeit Alli, the OTC formulation of the lipase inhibitor orlistat, has found that the fake product also contains sibutramine and, when taken at the recommended daily dose, may deliver twice the recommended dose of that drug.
Studies conducted in Finland and the Netherlands examined the effects of a daily dose of up to 9 grams of plant stands; the current recommended daily dose is 2 grams of plant stanols (as plant stanol ester).
A DAILY dose of aspirin could help prevent a genetic form of bowel cancer, researchers from the North East said.
You would get more than your daily dose of vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, if you were to eat this castle made of lemons and oranges
The product's maximum effects--with no side/adverse effects--were achieved in just 5-7 weeks when an adequate daily dose was taken regularly.
Comparing the results from the placebo and the 800 mg daily dose period, CYP1A2 was elevated by I3C in 94% of the subjects, with a mean increase of 4.
A daily dose of caffeine blocks the disruptive effects of high cholesterol that scientists have linked to the disease, a study has found.
The daily dose is geared for men who anticipate having sex twice a week or more frequently.
Nearly 70% of those on a total daily dose of 300 mg of pregabalin, and 78% of those on a total daily dose of 450 mg experienced any improvement on the patient global impression of change scale, compared with 48% of those on placebo.