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A violet dye, methyl-triethyl-amino-triphenyl-carbinol chloride. Also called Hoffman violet.
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I would liKe to say a big THANK you to MarK and all who bought a dahlia.
David Hall, a director of Halls of Heddon, said: "Gordon has been a customer of ours for a while and he approached us with his new dahlia.
Everything went according to script for nearly 11 furlongs, but then Dahlia tore it up, breezing by the presumed certainty to win by three lengths.
When the body of a young woman is discovered by the Thames, sadistically mutilated and drained of blood, it would seem an ominous re-enactment of the infamously unsolved murder, from 1940s Los Angeles, dubbed the Black Dahlia.
Depressed and fragile, Dahlia feels she may be losing it, until Aunt Baby shows up for a day of reckoning that no one's really willing to face.
Confidential'' -- another Ellroy adaptation -- ``The Black Dahlia'' never got a handle on the novel's convoluted plot, a fictionalized account of the grisly 1947 murder of 22-year-old would-be actress Elizabeth Short (Mia Kirshner), known as the Black Dahlia, that captured the city's and the nation's imagination.
The Black Dahlia is based on James Ellroy's novel about the real-life murder of wannabe actress Elizabeth Short, whose mutilated body was found dumped on wasteground in Los Angeles in 1947.
Last time I looked there were in excess of 20 recognised categories of dahlia, ranging from the enormous "large decoratives" to the wee "miniature balls" and "pompoms".
They originally came from Mexico and the dominant dahlia colours - red, yellow and oranges - have a hot-country quality to them.
HARDY Dahlia merckii is an attractive plant that can be left in the ground over winter with a good covering of mulch