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Leaves of Leonotis leonurus, a plant found in South Africa, where it is smoked like tobacco with mild sedative effect; a term mistakenly applied to Indian hemp, Cannabis sativa.
[aborigines' term]
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"We failed (so far) as a movement to become active in political discourse within the precincts that determine policy direction and decision-making for South Africa's future," wrote leader Jeremy Acton in a statement on the Dagga Party's website.
Jules Stobbs and Myrtle ClarkeCU known as the "Dagga Couple", joined the case, and asked the court to strike down laws banning the useCU cultivation and sale of marijuana.
For seven days, Hoets and I stayed on track of herd bulls until two lone dagga boys and a cow unknowingly approached from the direction we were heading.
Vast numbers of children learned dagga smoking.' (28) Some farms were notorious for abuse.
Names for marijuana can differentiate depending on a location 6 in Jamaica, it's often called "ganja" while South Africans will usually refer to weed as "dagga" 6 and the age group of users.
Van Zyl said there was a glaring absence of COPD data on dagga, biomass fuel indoor pollution, post-TB obstructive lung disease, HIV and early childhood and intrauterine issues that impaired lung development.
As was proven on this hunt, the load easily stands up out to and past 100 yards, so when I next hunt buffalo, though I prefer to be at 30 yards, I would not hesitate to shoot a dagga boy at 70 paces.
Gangland enforcer Gary Moore and drug dealer Dale "Dagga" Clark were charged with Diane's murder in March 1992 but never stood trial because of a lack of evidence.
Women's B: Marlene Huby (18.41) lost 3-1 to Liz Tait; Vanessa Dickinson (14.39) lost 3-1 to Casey Stephenson; Kate Livermore (17.11) won 3-1 v Angela McDonald; Margaret Shannon (18.01) lost 3-2 to Maureen Woodroffe; Tracy Marran (16.52) won 3-0 v Karol Dagga; Vera Oliphant (14.77) won 3-2 v Suzanne Nixon.
"Sometimes," he argued, "I cannot reach every parent--especially the ones on dagga, mandrax (1).
In a moment of leisure a group of men smoke dagga, a blinkered horse in the midst of the curling smoke.
Solitary bulls are often referred to as "dagga bulls." Dagga is simply the Shona word for mud.