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30am last Saturday that they found the daddy-long-legs.
The security man freed the daddy-long-legs from its miniature prison and made sure it could not get back in by plugging the hole with Blu-tak.
But what I hate most about the daddy-long-legs is its indecisiveness.
The incident is being linked to a weakening of turf - believed to be due to an infestation of leatherjackets, which are the larval stage of the crane fly, or daddy-long-legs.
I was at school with a boy who liked to pull the wings off daddy-long-legs, which made them into rubbish spiders.
In the meantime, he'll probably start taking it out on daddy-long-legs.
When one angler pointed out a daddy-long-legs to me on the Teifi Pools last week I could hardly believe my eyes.