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May 31: The Daddy Longlegs Moon is the full blue moon at 8:04 p.
Switching between buzzers and daddy longlegs kept the rainbows coming for Roger Jones as the Cwmbran fly fisherman returned 19 fish; but it was a lure that worked for Alun Davies as he hooked 16 trout.
Judging by the betting, there wasn't a huge amount expected from Daddy Longlegs as he was sent off at 7-1, but he came home in taking style to finish a length and a half clear of Outback.
According to the American folk remedy, you must catch a daddy longlegs, dismember it, and swallow it whole.
Dark panels slip and slide into place to give the impression of endless corridors, which Philip Pellow's faithful retainer Flay traverses in his exaggerated daddy longlegs step.
The book tells of how he came to the city as a struggling carpenter but went on to become a successful entrepreneur, running big-name nightclubs such as Daddy Longlegs, the Speak-Easy and the popular Talk of the Town.
THE daddy longlegs (also known as the cranefly) larva was called a Leatherjacket because of its tough brown skin.
Also found was the earliest known fossil harvestman, or daddy longlegs.
The week's best fish was the 12lb rainbow that Keith Price caught on a daddy longlegs.
In a lively week 182 anglers caught 543 trout, with worm, PowerBait and sweetcorn the best baits, and Dawson's Olive, Black Yellow and Orange hot spot Buzzer, and Daddy Longlegs the top patterns.
Scaling Dam: Dawson's Olive, Black, Yellow and Orange hot spot Buzzer, Daddy Longlegs.
DADDY longlegs could become an endangered species in Scotland because of climate change, it is claimed.