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Jacques Arsène, French biophysicist, 1851-1940. See: d'Arsonval current, d'Arsonval galvanometer.
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The event will be hosted and moderated by nationally-renowned journalist and bestselling author of Love Rehab Jo Piazza, and features a panel of Southern California's most prominent relationship specialists, including: Lisa Darsonval, Owner of Santa Barbara Matchmaking; Brian Howie, author and creator of How to Find Love in 60 Seconds; Megan O'Brien, Celebrity Blogger and CEO of BeautyBrander; Jackie Ruka, “America's Happyologist” and creator of “Get Happy Zone”; Shelli Stutz, Founder of “ManFixer,” and Dr.
Montchevre has introduced a new washed-rind goat's milk cheese called Darsonval. Composed of prime-quality goat's milk from Wisconsin, the cheese is made via classic techniques.
The program included George Balanchine's Le Palais de Cristal--a work I was to get to know altogether better a year later as Symphony in C The cast, if memory serves and I'm pretty sure it does, was Lycette Darsonval, Alexandre Kalioujny, Christiane Vaussard (it had been Tamara Toumanova at the ballet's 1947 premiere), Roger Ritz, Micheline Bardin, Michel Renault, Madeleine Lafon, Max Bozzoni.
Montchevre launched a lovely new goat's milk Tomme de Chevre called Darsonval, a semi-soft ripened cheese.