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Jean, French chemist, 1725-1801. See: d'Arcet metal.
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Considering the significant threats from the invasion of wild boars to the biodiversity, and the lack of studies about these impacts and the species' distribution in Brazil, this study registers the occurrence of wild boars at the Darcet Batalha Private Reserve (hereafter RPPN--Darcet Batalha; 20[degrees]51'20.9" S, 41[degrees]56'49.4" W), in Minas Gerais State, and reported the first species record in the wild in Rio de Janeiro State.
Se traslado a Paris para ampliar sus estudios durante cuatro anos como discipulo de Jean Darcet (1724-1801) y Lavoisier
Juliana do Nascimento Bendini (I) Darcet Costa Souza (I) *