d-galacturonic acid

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d-ga·lac·tu·ron·ic ac·id

(gă-lak-tūr-on'ik as'id),
The d-isomer is an oxidation product of d-galactose, in which the 6-CH2OH group has become a -COOH group; occurs in many natural products (for example, pectins) and cell walls.
Synonym(s): pectic acid
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Indeed, several genes involved in pectin decomposition and D-Galacturonic catabolism are inducible in vitro by D-galacturonic acid (13).
Pectin is a polymer of partially methoxylated alpha, 1,4 linked D-galacturonic acid that is interrupted by dispersed or alternating 1,2 linked L-rhamnose units that are linked to neutral sugars such as L-galactose and L-arabinose.