Jacques Arsène, French biophysicist, 1851-1940. See: d'Arsonval current, d'Arsonval galvanometer.
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The transducer was constructed from a suitable d'Arsonval panel meter whereby the pointer was replaced by a thin L-shaped stainless steel tube acting as the lever.
A similar thing happened in Europe, where d'Arsonval, academician Blondel, and a German doctor from Saarbrucken, Marsel Flug, made a great success with Tesla currents [9].
Address for correspondence: Skerdi Haviari, Unite d'Hygiene et d'Epidemiologie, Hopital Edouard Herriot, 5 place d'Arsonval, 69437 Lyon CEDEX 03, France, email: skerdihaviari@gmail.com
O galvanometro usado e o de D'Arsonval, que e constituido essencialmente por uma bobina de um fio muito fino, imersa em um campo magnetico uniforme de um ima permanente e montado em um sistema de suspensao que o permite girar em torno de um eixo que passa atraves do seu diametro, quando o mesmo e percorrido pela corrente eletrica (figura 3).
Kneipp's naturopathic treatment did not depend upon gimmicks such as the electrical gadgets popular in other spas, and including the D'Arsonval High Frequency Violet Ray, which delivered an oscillating current through glass applicators.
The equipment includes muscle stimulators, Jonos, D'Arsonval, Miolift, Epilator, Radiowave lifting, Radio-frequency, Meso sens therapy without needles, Rejuvenation of the facial and body skin, Skin Scrubber ultrasound peeling, etc.
Hace mas de 100 anos, D'Arsonval y Beer postularon que un campo magnetico podria actuar en y a traves del cerebro humano.
The Organic Rankine Cycle as applied to ocean thermal energy was conceived in 1881 when French physician Jacques-Arsene d'Arsonval first proposed using a heat engine based on the work of Scottish engineer William Rankine.
He received numerous awards on recognition of his contributions, including the Edison Medal of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and the first d'Arsonval Award of the Bioelectromagnetics Society.
[1] Laboratoire de Biochimie Hopital Edouard Herriot 5, Place d'Arsonval Lyon 69437, France