cytotrophoblastic cells

cy·to·tro·pho·blas·tic cells

stem cells that fuse to form the overlying syncytiotrophoblast of placental villi.
Synonym(s): Langhans cells (2)
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cy·to·tro·pho·blas·tic cells

(sī'tō-trō'fō-blast'ik selz)
Stem cells that fuse to form the overlying syncytiotrophoblast of placental villi.
Synonym(s): Langhans cells (2) .
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Theodor, German pathologist, 1839-1915.
Langhans cells - multinucleated giant cells seen in tuberculosis and other granulomas. Synonym(s): cytotrophoblastic cells; Langhans-type giant cells
Langhans layer - the inner layer of the trophoblast. Synonym(s): cytotrophoblast
Langhans stria - fibrinoid that accumulates on the chorionic plate between the bases of placental villi during the first half of pregnancy.
Langhans-type giant cells - Synonym(s): Langhans cells
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Pathological examination of permanent sections evidenced mononuclear cytotrophoblastic cells and syncytiotrophoblastic giant cells that were positive for immunostaining of beta-human chorionic gonadotrophin ([sz]-HCG) [Figure 1]e,[Figure 1]f,[Figure 1]g,[Figure 1]h,[Figure 1]i.
Microscopy revealed numerous submucosal malignant tumor nodules composed of sheets of atypical cytotrophoblastic cells surrounded by syncytial giant cells and large areas of hemorrhage [Figure 1c].
Hypertrophic proliferation, fibrinoid necrosis, endothelial proliferation, calcification and hyaline villous stains were observed in the severe preeclamptic placenta, decidual cells, and degeneration cytotrophoblastic cells (Figs.1a,b,c).
The staining of equal or more than 10% of total cytotrophoblastic cells were presumed positive and results below of this threshold were considered as neg-ative.
The cytotrophoblastic cells are the stem cells where DNA synthesis and mitotic activity occurs.
Egarter, "Molecular cloning of the human Handl gene/cDNA and its tissue- restricted expression in cytotrophoblastic cells and heart," Gene, vol.
Non-invasive prenatal diagnosis of fetal aneuploidies using massively parallel sequencing-by-ligation and evidence that cell-free fetal DNA in the maternal plasma originates from cytotrophoblastic cells. Expert Opin Biol Ther 2012;12:S19-26.
During pregnancy, aPL targets the placenta, especially the cytotrophoblastic cells (CT).
In these cases, the nonmolar androgenetic/ biparental mosaic component has discordant p57 expression--usually positive staining in cytotrophoblastic cells and negative staining in villous stromal cells (Figure 8, B through D)--and the molar component, which has features of a CHM, is negative for p57 (Figure 8, E through H); thus, the 2 components have divergent patterns relative to each other (1 discordant and 1 negative).
Five mm wide sections from each block of randomly orientated, were cut from each slice and stained by Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) for identification of cytotrophoblastic cells and syncytial knots, respectively.
In this regard, morphine causes abnormal division of cytotrophoblastic cells (Aronow et al.; Russ et al.).
Global (diffuse) placental hypoxia (preuterine, uterine, or postuterine) was histologically diagnosed based on placental maturation (heterogenous or homogenous), excessive syncytial knotting (granular or smudgy chromatin), amount of the extracellular matrix of the chorionic villi (increased or decreased), density of the villous cytotrophoblastic cells (increased or decreased), density of Hofbauer cells (increased or decreased), and villous vascularity (increased or decreased branching of capillaries).