cytotonic enterotoxin

cy·to·ton·ic en·ter·o·tox·in

an enterotoxin that morphologically changes, but does not kill, the target cell.
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The present study is carried out to detection the virulence genes associated with important virulence factors include: hemolysin (ahh), aerolysin (aer), Lipase (lip), Serine protease (ahp), thermo labile cytotonic enterotoxin (alt), thermo stable cytotonic enterotoxin (ast).
Molecular and biochemical characterization of a heatlabile cytotonic enterotoxin from Aeromonas hydrophila.
The cytotonic enterotoxins do not cause degeneration of crypts and villi of the small intestine-like cytotoxic enterotoxin (8).
Cytotonic enterotoxins may play significant roles in the pathology of Aeromonas gastrointestinal disease (41).
Two groups of enterotoxins have been described in Aeromonas spp., including cytotoxic enterotoxin and cytotonic enterotoxin. (5) Cytotoxic enterotoxin (encoded by act) can cause hemolysis and cytotoxicity as well as enterotoxicity.
Cloning of enterotoxin gene from Aeromonas hydrophila provides conclusive evidence of production of a cytotonic enterotoxin. Infect Immun 1984;46:435-41.
Molecular and biochemical characterization of a heat-labile cytotonic enterotoxin from Aeromonas hydrophila .
Cytotoxic enterotoxin, cytotonic enterotoxin and aerolysin play crucial roles in establishment of infections [21].
Some strains of Aeromonas isolated from water have been shown to possess virulence traits, such as adhesions, hemolysins, and cytotonic enterotoxins, presumably involved with human pathogenicity (3,12,13).