Formation of cells.
[cyto- + G. poiēsis, a making]
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In testicular tissue, the testis-specific pyruvate dehydrogenase complex, PDH2, has been proved to participate in sperm cells cytopoiesis and PDK4 low activity ensured the energy supplement (Korotchkina et al., 2006).
Appearing for the fifth and the final time for the contest, the eighth-grader from Kansas confidently spelled words as cytopoiesis, bouquetiere and thamakau before she was asked to tackle the golden word.
Especially noticeable, an increase in the percentage of blasts (2.5 times), the appearance of which is usually associated with the activation process of cytopoiesis. However, when this type of helminthiasis noticeably increases, the number of cells in a state of mitotic division is not observed.