cytoplasmic streaming

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the movement of a current in a fluid.
cytoplasmic streaming (protoplasmic streaming) cyclosis.

cytoplasmic streaming



the movement of cytoplasm from one region of a cell to another, often in definite currents, thought to be controlled by MICROFILAMENTS composed of protein similar to ACTIN. Such streaming has several possible functions:
  1. transport of substances from one part of the cell to another (e.g. during TRANSLOCATION in SIEVE TUBES);
  2. cellular movement (e.g. in PSEUDOPODIA of white blood cells);
  3. maintenance of optimal temperature;
  4. provision of optimal light conditions for chloroplasts (e.g. in MESOPHYLL cells of leaf).
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These factors (generally suggested to be vesicles containing material for tip growth) have their origins in the colony and are fed to the tip via cytoplasmic streaming.
Some method of measuring the velocity of these particles is usually used as a representation of the rate of cytoplasmic streaming (Seagull & Heath, 1980b; Emons, 1987; Clarkson et al.
The role of actin-microfilaments in cytoplasmic streaming has been well documented in a number of plant systems (Seagull, 1989), including root hairs (Seagull & Heath 1980b; Emons, 1987).