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Relating to the cytoplasm.
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Relating to the cytoplasm.
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(sit'o-plazm) [ cyto- + -plasm]
The protoplasm of a cell outside the nucleus. See: cell
cytoplasmic (sit?o-plaz'mik), adjective
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Hydrogen peroxide- ([H.sub.2][O.sub.2]-) induced oxidative stress increases the phosphorylation of [alpha]-synuclein at S129 and the formation of cytoplasmic inclusions [76].
What do the cytoplasmic inclusion bodies found in neutrophilic leukocytes suggest?
(4) However, because of the high rates of co-infection, a definitive diagnosis of CMV requires identification of CMV intranuclear or cytoplasmic inclusion bodies in transbronchial biopsy specimens (used in our patients) or open lung biopsy specimens.
Rats with these lesions had cytoplasmic inclusions containing [alpha]-synuclein in the nigral neurons, which resembled the pale body precursors to Lewy bodies found in humans with PD.
On postmortem, the medical examiner described cytoplasmic inclusions consistent with Negri bodies.
On histopathologic examination of the cerebral cortex, pons, hippocampus, and spinal cord, the medical examiner described cytoplasmic inclusions consistent with Negri bodies.
Histopathologically, high nuclear-to-cytoplasmic ratios, prominent nucleoli, more reticular (less clumped, "clock-face"--appearing chromatin), and the presence of cytoplasmic inclusions are signs of cytologic irregularity indicative of malignancy rather than plasma-cell reactivity.
Crystalline cytoplasmic inclusions of different size and shape were frequently found in glandular hair cells (Fig.
In approximately half of the cases, the tumor cells can contain discrete round to oval, pale, amphophilic cytoplasmic inclusions, so-called pale bodies, which stain positively for fibrinogen.
Negri bodies are cytoplasmic inclusions in neurons that are composed of rabies virus proteins and RNA.

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