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the study of cells in disease; cellular pathology.


, cytopathological (sī'tō-path'ō-loj'ik, -loj'i-kăl),
1. Denoting cellular changes in disease.
2. Relating to cytopathology.


, cytopathological (sī'tō-path-ŏ-loj'ik, -i-kăl)
1. Denoting cellular changes in disease.
2. Relating to cytopathology.
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Cytopathologic examination of skin lesions has been an excellent diagnostic tool, not only because of its low cost, but also because it is less invasive, safer and produces accurate results equal to or greater than histopathology for the identification of microorganisms and certain neoplasias (3, 9).
We present her case along with a review of the relevant literature, and a discussion of the clinical, cytopathologic, and histological features of pilomatricoma, with emphasis on the pitfalls of cytopathologic diagnosis.
It is important to specify, however, that the differential diagnosis of PDAC and CP in the patients included in this study was established by EUS-FNA cytopathologic analysis, and despite the high specificity (100%), cytologic analysis with a sensitivity of only 83% is not a gold standard for the differential diagnosis of PDAC and CP (14).
(3) Verma and Kapila from India conducted a cytopathologic study on 62 cases of subcutaneous cysticercal cysts; 24 occurred in the head and neck, 28 in the trunk, and 14 in the extremeties.
The cytotoxicity assay measures the production of Toxin B and the cytopathologic effect of a stool-sample preparation on cultured cells.
The art program includes about 1,700 color micro-images, photos, and diagnostic images, capturing the pathologic and cytopathologic appearances of the full range of common and rare neoplastic lesions encountered in the reporting room.
Neither technique has been established as superior in the cytopathologic investigation of thyroid nodules.
Neither technique has proved superior in the cytopathologic studies of thyroid nodules.
Atypical glandular cells of undetermined significance (AGUS): cytopathologic features, histopathologic results, and human papillomavirus DNA detection.
At the same time, a laparoscopic biopsy could be taken, with specimens subjected to cytopathologic tests and studies of genetic or protein abnormalities present even in the face of a phenotypically normal sample.
While there is little doubt that the disease involves some form of neuropathology, the fact that there is no evidence of cytopathologic abnormalities or gliosis suggests that schizophrenia is more than an ailment that attacks the brain tissue, as with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.