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cytologic, cytological

See cytology.


(si-tol'o-je) [ cyto- + -logy]
The science that deals with the formation, structure, and function of cells. cytologiccytological (sit?o-loj'ik) ('i-kal), adjective

exfoliative cytology

Microscopic examination of cells obtained from body excretions, e.g., from the anus or genitourinary tract.

imprint cytology

The study of cellular morphology or of tissue diseases after a clinical specimen, e.g., a bone marrow biopsy, is dabbed on a microscope slide. It is used in some settings as an adjunct or alternative to fine needle aspiration biopsy, frozen sectioning, and other pathological techniques.

liquid-based cytology

Abbreviation: LBC
A means of performing a Papanicolaou test (Pap test) in which the head of the plastic spatula used to obtain cells from the endocervix is inserted directly into a vial containing a fluid cellular preservative. The vial is spun in the laboratory, and a pellet of pure cells is obtained. This cellular layer is then deposited on a microscope slide and examined for evidence of cellular atypia or frank cancer. The liquid-based cytology differs from traditional cervical cytology in that the contents of the spatula are not smeared directly onto a microscope slide. This reduces the number of specimens received by the laboratory that are unable to be interpreted pathologically.

sputum cytology

The examination of cells obtained from mucus in the upper or lower respiratory tract to see if cancer cells are present. See: sputum specimen.

cytological, cytologic

pertaining to cytology.

cytological examination
examination of material for purposes of cytology. Carried out on cerebrospinal fluid, joint fluid, aspirates of body cavities and cystic lesions. Includes total and differential counts.
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Urothelial dysplasia, formerly referred to as low-grade intraurothelial neoplasia, is the term used to refer to premalignant lesions that cytologically and architecturally fall short of the diagnosis of UCIS.
By contrast, false negatives seldom appeared; as a proof of concept, 98% of cytologically malignant LNs (n=61) showed at least one morphological alteration (shape, margins, echogenicity, vascularization, L >19 mm, short axis >11 mm).
Cytologically, nodular fasciitis can be easily mistaken for a malignant neoplasm of spindle cells or a tumor of salivary gland origin.
The absolute risk of cervical abnormalities in high-risk human papillomavirus-positive, cytologically normal women over a 10-year period.
The cells were uniform, cytologically bland and spindle shaped or stellate with a normal chromatin pattern.
Whether a 3-year or 5-year screening interval could be used in HIV-infected women who are cytologically normal and oncogenic HPV-negative is unknown," the researchers noted.
HOUSTON -- A novel gene expression test could eliminate the need for a third of operations done for cytologically indeterminate thyroid nodules by winnowing out low-risk nodules, a large, prospective, double-blind, multicenter study suggests.
Syringocytadenocarcinoma papilliferum is the malignant counterpart characterized by solid areas and cytologically malignant cell.
High power view of osteosarcoma showing osteoid produced by highly cytologically malignant cells.
Cytologically confusion aired while we matched the case with available theory (See Table 1).
Cheng WE, Chen YL, You SL, et aL Risk of gynaecological malignancies in cytologically atypical glandular cells: follow-up study of a nationwide screening population.