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(si-tol'o-je) [ cyto- + -logy]
The science that deals with the formation, structure, and function of cells. cytologiccytological (sit?o-loj'ik) ('i-kal), adjective

exfoliative cytology

Microscopic examination of cells obtained from body excretions, e.g., from the anus or genitourinary tract.

imprint cytology

The study of cellular morphology or of tissue diseases after a clinical specimen, e.g., a bone marrow biopsy, is dabbed on a microscope slide. It is used in some settings as an adjunct or alternative to fine needle aspiration biopsy, frozen sectioning, and other pathological techniques.

liquid-based cytology

Abbreviation: LBC
A means of performing a Papanicolaou test (Pap test) in which the head of the plastic spatula used to obtain cells from the endocervix is inserted directly into a vial containing a fluid cellular preservative. The vial is spun in the laboratory, and a pellet of pure cells is obtained. This cellular layer is then deposited on a microscope slide and examined for evidence of cellular atypia or frank cancer. The liquid-based cytology differs from traditional cervical cytology in that the contents of the spatula are not smeared directly onto a microscope slide. This reduces the number of specimens received by the laboratory that are unable to be interpreted pathologically.

sputum cytology

The examination of cells obtained from mucus in the upper or lower respiratory tract to see if cancer cells are present. See: sputum specimen.
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Results of the cytological examination of the present ICB case widely agree with previous extensive, specific, and reviewed morphological studies [51, 53, 55, 56, 59].
It is important in clinical practice to analyze both the cause and clinical features in patients with PE; for this purpose, cytological examination is routinely performed.
Cytological examination is valuable for diagnosis of round cell tumors, because they do not always have clear architectural features.
DISCUSSION: Cytological examination of serous fluids has increasingly gained acceptance in clinical practice to such an extent that a positive diagnosis often is considered the definitive test and obviates exploratory surgery.
A synergistic approach with meticulous cytological examination and haematological, cytochemical and other relevant investigations enable an accurate diagnosis.
Whole blood for hematology and ear swabs for cytological examination were collected.
And a free clear cystic fluid was drained out and sent for cytological examination. The cyst was sent for histopathology and cystological examination.
Cytological examination of ear cerumen and microbiological isolation identified eight (8) dogs to be affected with fungal infections comprising of Aspergillus (n=4), Candida (n=3) and Cryptococcus infections (n=1) besides Malassezia yeast in another twenty two (22) dogs.
In the current study 1 case was diagnosed as benign phyllodes on cytological examination in a patient aged 45 years.
In this study, the cytological examination of patients revealed a prevalence of 17.58% for HPV infection.
Diagnosis of canine nasal aspergillosis by cytological examination: a comparison of four different collection techniques.
RESULTS: The present study was conducted on 98 randomly taken samples of serous effusions and were subjected to biochemical and cytological examination. The cytological examination was performed using conventional smear, cytospin, and cell block preparation.