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cytologic, cytological

See cytology.


(si-tol'o-je) [ cyto- + -logy]
The science that deals with the formation, structure, and function of cells. cytologiccytological (sit?o-loj'ik) ('i-kal), adjective

exfoliative cytology

Microscopic examination of cells obtained from body excretions, e.g., from the anus or genitourinary tract.

imprint cytology

The study of cellular morphology or of tissue diseases after a clinical specimen, e.g., a bone marrow biopsy, is dabbed on a microscope slide. It is used in some settings as an adjunct or alternative to fine needle aspiration biopsy, frozen sectioning, and other pathological techniques.

liquid-based cytology

Abbreviation: LBC
A means of performing a Papanicolaou test (Pap test) in which the head of the plastic spatula used to obtain cells from the endocervix is inserted directly into a vial containing a fluid cellular preservative. The vial is spun in the laboratory, and a pellet of pure cells is obtained. This cellular layer is then deposited on a microscope slide and examined for evidence of cellular atypia or frank cancer. The liquid-based cytology differs from traditional cervical cytology in that the contents of the spatula are not smeared directly onto a microscope slide. This reduces the number of specimens received by the laboratory that are unable to be interpreted pathologically.

sputum cytology

The examination of cells obtained from mucus in the upper or lower respiratory tract to see if cancer cells are present. See: sputum specimen.

cytological, cytologic

pertaining to cytology.

cytological examination
examination of material for purposes of cytology. Carried out on cerebrospinal fluid, joint fluid, aspirates of body cavities and cystic lesions. Includes total and differential counts.
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The the rate of cytological abnormality may also differ in women symptomatic for STI presenting at a gynaecological clinic.
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Given the special difficulties associated with cytological interpretation of glandular lesions,[7] the special challenges of accessing lesional cells, and the increasing importance of glandular neoplasms,[8,9] the laissez-faire approach may no longer be good enough.
North America accounted for the largest share of this market in 2014, as there are a significantly high number of research and development projects ongoing in the region related to cytological investigation for proteomics, genomics, and drug and vaccine development.
The ascitic fluid showed no bacterial or tuberculosis infection and the cytological examination was negative for malignancy.
As a result, it has still been possible 35 years later for one ofus (CRFJ) to find and photographically record all his cytological voucher-specimens in various herbaria and apply a much changed, more critical modern taxonomy to them, long after he had produced his important cytological results.
The sample proved inadequate for cytological assessment, however was found to have a raised amylase and protein content suggesting salivary origin.
The works are arranged in three sections covering medical material, medical engineering and food, the environment, and health, and individual papers address topics such as the preparation and evaluation of combined artificial bone, cytological identification of white blood cells and renal tubular epithelial cells, and research on the blanching pretreatment for quick frozen sword beans.
The cytological and histological examinations were done by the local teaching hospital's laboratories, while the HPV tests were analysed by means of PCR amplification by the Digene Corporation in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA.