cytologic specimen

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cy·to·log·ic spec·i·men

a specimen obtainable by a variety of methods from many areas of the body, including the female genital tract, respiratory tract, urinary tract, alimentary tract, and body cavities; used for cytologic examination and diagnosis (for example, cytologic smears, filter preparations, centrifuged buttons).
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Our study is the first to date, to our knowledge, to look at an institution with a restricted and regulated atypical diagnostic category for all nongynecologic cytologic specimens.
Because many cytologic specimens are submitted in the fresh state, the date of collection has special significance for cytopathology.
Additionally, TTF-1 was observed to have a high nuclear affinity, allowing for greater confidence when confirming positivity in cytologic specimens compared with napsin A, because the latter also stained alveolar macrophages.
For clinical validation of the assay, we evaluated a total of 50 cytologic specimens for the presence of HPV DNA.
For decades, it has been recognized in exfoliative cytologic specimens that viral infections of the upper respiratory tract and benign reserve cell hyperplasia may cause confusion with squamous cell and small cell carcinomas, respectively.
The Ikeda group (12) found that EMA staining had 100% sensitivity and 74% specificity in alcohol-fixed cytologic specimens in a study that included 11 epithelioid mesotheliomas (10 thoracic) and 50 benign effusions.
After implementation, 92% of cytologic specimens came from gastroenterology compared with 59% before implementation (P < .
Polymerase chain reaction-based detection of B-cell monoclonality in cytologic specimens.
In their review of cytologic specimens with histology correlation, they correctly subclassified 36% of the MCs compared to 86% of the infiltrating ductal carcinomas, 75% of the infiltrating lobular carcinomas, and 93% of the medullary carcinomas.
9%) with LSIL vaginal Pap test results who had vaginal biopsies, and all 7 patients with VAIN 2/3 diagnoses had hrHPV DNA detected in their vaginal cytologic specimens.
We actually reported no major changes in diagnosis for the cytologic specimens (except minor descriptive changes to the report).