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Relating to cytology.

cytologic, cytological

See cytology.


Relating to cytology.

cytological, cytologic

pertaining to cytology.

cytological examination
examination of material for purposes of cytology. Carried out on cerebrospinal fluid, joint fluid, aspirates of body cavities and cystic lesions. Includes total and differential counts.
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One of the Grade 3 ductal carcinoma diagnosed in cytologic samples as ductal carcinoma with plenty of lymphocytes in the background was diagnosed to be atypical medullary carcinoma.
In patients with lung cancer, the most common sampling methods for obtaining cytologic specimens include computed tomography-guided FNAs of the lung (frequently coupled with core needle biopsies), endobronchial ultrasound-guided FNAs of lymph nodes, body cavity fluids/effusions, bronchial brushings, bronchial washings, bronchoalveolar lavages, and sputum, along with other minimally invasive aspirations of distant, deep-seated or superficial metastatic lesions.
We received a urine sample from the urologist for cytologic examination in which we found an adult mite, originally mistaken for pubis lice.
In Table 3 diagnostic accuracy of different architectural and cytologic criteria use in FNA cytology report are seen.
A patient's history, clinical signs, response to previous therapy helped in confirming the cytologic examination findings which inturn aided in diagnosing Malassezia dermatitis.
Human papillomavirus infection and cytologic abnormalities of the anus and cervix among HIV-infected women in the Study to Understand the Natural History of HIV/AIDS in the Era of Effective Therapy (SUN Study).
The study's primary end point was improvement--defined as a decrease in NAFLD activity score of 2 points or more and a decrease of at least 1 point in cytologic ballooning--and no worsening of fibrosis.
In addition, women in 39 of the clusters received an appointment card for a screening (HPV testing, cytologic testing or visual inspection with acetic acid); to simplify the process, all women in a particular cluster were assigned to receive the same type of screening.
HPV DNA testing can be used in a variety of clinical scenarios that include primary screening in women older than 30 yr; as an adjunctive test to cytology; in the triage of women with an equivocal cytologic report, e.