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Candida albicans is frequently a secondary pathogen, and therefore, definitive diagnosis should be based on a culture of the specific agent in combination with histopathologic or cytologic demonstration of a pathologic host reaction.
We received a urine sample for cytologic examination in which we found single adult mite without inflammation.
We have highlighted the pitfalls encountered in making a cytologic diagnosis of this condition, and we have discussed the histologic findings.
This algorithm can be used for digital and automated systems using cytologic criteria for FNA cytology of breast too.
In addition, although these cases have been identified and written about by several different groups of investigators with very similar results, and the cytologic criteria for them are among the best defined in the atypical follicular cells group, whether this group of cases can be reproducibly identified in all practices is not known.
The development of a rapid and affordable test for HPV DNA makes this a viable alternative to cytologic screening.
Cytologic smears in 176 cases (88%) were judged to be adequate; in 24 cases (12%), smears were not adequate to allow interpretation.
The main cytologic features of the benign lesions are: overall low cell yield, sheet of ductufar epithelial cells, and single bare nuclei (Fig.
Adolescents with a result of ASC-US or LGSIL should have repeat cytologic testing one year later.
Microfilariae in cytologic smears: A report of six cases.
Women who received the vaccine have reported fewer adverse health events than have those who received a placebo, perhaps, according to the investigators, because they have had fewer cytologic abnormalities.
Cytologic examination of peritoneal fluids forms part of the staging process for ovarian cancer and influences therapeutic interventions (3).