cytoid bodies

cy·toid bod·ies

swollen retinal nerve fibers that on light microscopy look like cells when cut transversely; histopathologic correlative of retinal cotton-wool patches.
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Resultant dyskeratosis is represented by the presence of necrotic keratinocytes (Civatte bodies or cytoid bodies), which are extruded into the papillary dermis.
CWS are accumulations of cytoid bodies formed through overproliferation and degeneration of axoplasmic organelles, and they are recognized as signs of acute ischemia within the nerve fiber layer [57, 83].
Kimura, "Fine structure of cytoid bodies," Japanese Journal of Ophthalmology, vol.
They comprised such characteristic features as lymphohistiocytic bandlike infiltrate occupying the upper dermis and obscuring the dermoepidermal junction, irregular acanthosis resembling the typical saw-toothed appearance, extensive liquefactive degeneration of the basal layer of the epidermis with subepidermal clefts (Max Joseph spaces), pigmentary incontinence, and numerous cytoid bodies forming huge clusters.
(9) In BLP the direct immunoflourescent findings are those of lichen planus with fibrin and patchy IgM and C3, associated with cytoid bodies' formation.
(5,6) Direct immunofluorescence, displaying granular fibrinogen and variable immunoglobulin deposited linearly near the basement membrane, and possibly cytoid bodies, is useful in cases of suspected OLP with nondiagnostic histological findings, as well as in those with gingival involvement.
Both conventional lichen planus and its subtropicus variant have cytoid bodies that stain positive to IgG and IgM on direct immunofluorescence microscopy, Dr.