cytochrome c oxidase

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cy·to·chrome c ox·i·dase

(sī'tō-krōm oks'i-dās),
A cupriferous cytochrome of the a type that catalyzes the oxidation of four molecules of ferrocytochrome c by molecular oxygen to produce four molecules of ferricytochrome c and 2H2O. A part of Complex IV of the respiratory chain. A deficiency of one or more of the polypeptides of this complex results in neuronal loss in the brain leading to psychomotor retardation and neurodegenerative disease.
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Finally, the expression of cytochrome C oxidase chain I, an important mitochondrial proton-pumping respiratory protein, and NADH dehydrogenase subunit 4, involved in glycolosis and cellular respiration, appeared to be unchanged across all treatments.
In addition, we verified that the expression of cytochrome C oxidase chain I and NADH dehydrogenase subunit 4 was unchanged across the various treatment exposures (data not shown).
research identified mutations in the cytochrome c oxidase genes of
Three children, two with cytochrome c oxidase deficiency and one with succinate dehydrogenase deficiency, had a normal CSF lactate concentration.