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A group of substances derived from molds that disaggregate the microfilaments of the cell and interfere with the division of cytoplasm, inhibit cell movement, and cause extrusion of the nucleus; used for investigations in cell biology.
[cyto- + G. chalasis, a relaxing]
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arcuata which is reported in this paper produced an intimate mixture of four cytochalasins.
1]H NMR was used to monitor the separation of the mixture of cytochalasins in the eluent.
A search through literature [11] revealed that this compound was cytochalasin C (1).
2 new cytotoxic cytochalasins from xylaria obovata.
Treatment of eggs with cytochalasin B inhibited sperm entry in a dose- and time-dependent manner.
When treated with the inhibitor to MF polymerization, cytochalasin B, this initial sperm entry was blocked (Fig.
Six known compounds, cytochalasin J, dechlorogriseofulvin, demethylharzianic-acid, griseofulvin, harzianic acid and 2-hexylidene-3-methyl-succinic acid were identified from a rapid dereplication technique for fungal metabolites using an in-house UV library.
1995) and the plant growth regulator cytochalasin H (Wells et al.
2004) isolated two phytotoxic compounds namely cytochalasin B and dihydrocytochalasins from culture filtrates of D.
Early studies also demonstrated that growth cone motility depends on actin filament assembly (Yamada and Wessells, 1973), and a critical role for actin assembly in axonal guidance emerged when axons in the developing grasshopper nervous system were shown to lose all path-finding capabilities upon treatment with cytochalasin (Bentley and Toroion-Raymond, 1986).
In our initial characterization of actin filament dynamics in Aplysia growth cones, we noted that when cones were treated with 2-5 [[micro]molar] cytochalasin, retrograde flow did not appear to be markedly affected.