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A group of substances derived from molds that disaggregate the microfilaments of the cell and interfere with the division of cytoplasm, inhibit cell movement, and cause extrusion of the nucleus; used for investigations in cell biology.
[cyto- + G. chalasis, a relaxing]
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arcuata which is reported in this paper produced an intimate mixture of four cytochalasins. The components in the mixture were identified by their NH resonance positions in the [sup.1]H NMR.
TLC studies indicated that the solid (6.52 g) was a mixture of cytochalasins. This was confirmed by XH NMR determined in [C.sub.5][D.sub.5]N.
Treatment of eggs with cytochalasin B inhibited sperm entry in a dose- and time-dependent manner.
Cytochalasin B (12.4 [micro]M) was added to periodate-treated eggs at the following time points: 10 mm before insemination or 0 mm, 2 mm, or 4 mm PI.
Apoptosis induction in HCT116 cells by cytochalasins isolated from the fungus Daldinia vernicosa.
In our initial characterization of actin filament dynamics in Aplysia growth cones, we noted that when cones were treated with 2-5 [[micro]molar] cytochalasin, retrograde flow did not appear to be markedly affected.
Filopodial growth stimulated by the myosin antagonists was cytochalasin sensitive, indicating that it is due to barbed end filament assembly.
1995) and the plant growth regulator cytochalasin H (Wells et al.
This peak matched with a known compound, cytochalasin J in the HPLC/[R.sub.t] library.