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Pertaining to cytoarchitecture.
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The cytoarchitectural organization of the Desmodus brain deserves to be compared in parallel with that of other vampire species, bats of other families (especially megachiroptera), and some other representative mammals.
The final phase of the uterotrophic response coincides with the induction of a battery of genes involved in the cytoarchitectural remodeling of proliferating uterine cells, thus providing a further link between phenotypic and gene expression changes (Figure 7A).
Correlated with these changes in protein expression, keratinocytes - for 24 h following injury - undergo major cytoarchitectural alterations that affect their shape, intracellular organization, surface morphology, and adhesion properties.
Progress has been made in recent centuries through the establishment of cytoarchitectural maps, with most of that progress having been made in the past thirty years.
This region appears during embryonic development, just above the ventricular zone (VZ), and remains throughout adulthood, although it becomes thinner after several cytoarchitectural changes that occur during the perinatal period [6, 7].
Papillary Breast Carcinoma of Other Types.--Papillary breast carcinoma of other types, especially EPC, may also show at least some cytoarchitectural features in common with those of papillary thyroid carcinoma in many cases.
The premotor cortex, integrating extrapyramidal pathways, is situated, according to the cytoarchitectural studies of Brodmann (Area 6) followed by Vogt (Area 6ap), at the intersection of the superior frontal sulcus and the precentral gyrus [15].
Astrocytes are important cytoarchitectural elements of the CNS; however, during the past few years, molecular and functional characterization of astroglial cells indicate that they have a much broader function than only supporting the neurons in the brain, as they have specialized functions in inducing and regulating the blood brain barrier (BBB), glutamate uptake, synaptic transmission, plasticity [113], and metabolic homeostasis of the brain [114,115].
"The famous cytoarchitectural atlases of the early 1900's were simplified drawings of a brain and were based on pure visual analysis of cellular organization patterns," added Dr.
Lin, "Probabilistic topography of human corpus callosum using cytoarchitectural parcellation and high angular resolution diffusion imaging tractography," Human Brain Mapping, vol.
A cytoarchitectural study of the prefrontal area of the macaque monkey.
Thus, from a cytoarchitectural point of view, the peculiar gcps aggregation in the sulcus may influence the developing PC dendritic architecture.