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cys·to·met·ro·gram (CMG),

A graphic recording of urinary bladder pressure at various volumes.
[cysto- + G. metron, measure, + gramma, a writing]
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Urology A coordinated electromyographic evaluation of the bladder sphincter; cystometrography is used to determine bladder capacity, presence of voluntary or involuntary contractions of the detrusor muscle, and bladder compliance, and evaluate the integrity of the affector–sensory limb of the detrusor reflex arc
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A graphic recording of urinary bladder pressure at various volumes.
[cysto- + G. metron, measure, + gramma, a writing]
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Also, silymarin pretreatment could restore the changes in cystometrogram parameters after CYP-injection in anesthetized rats.
CMG: For the cystometrogram, a 7 Fr urodynamic catheter was placed.
Notable is the seeming discrepancy in RVU between code 51726 (cystometrogram alone) and the bundled tests.
These adaptations include selection of smaller urodynamic and rectal pressure catheters in infants and children, complete avoidance of latex-based products, slower filling rates, and modification of the principal questions asked during the filling cystometrogram (CMG) and voiding pressure flow study.
Instead, the cystometrogram is a very cost-effective test that can be performed in the office to help pin down the diagnosis.
water was described by Parsons et al, (37) but has been modified by other authors, including variants such as the comparative cystometrogram test.
After preliminary imaging, the filling cystometrogram is initiated, and the patient is instructed to report sensations of bladder filling (Gray, 2011a).
Cure was defined as a negative cystometrogram and pad test, said Dr.
The Fourth International Consultation on Incontinence Committee on Surgical Treatment of Urinary Incontinence in Men recommended urodynamic testing prior to invasive therapy to characterize the underlying pathophysiology.[sup.21] With respect to the type of test, multichannel is considered to be superior to cystometrogram, as it can identify detrusor overactivity (DO) and poor compliance.
The urodynamic clinician generates a VPS by asking the patient to urinate following a filling cystometrogram. Voiding is requested after the patient perceives an imminent desire to urinate or when terminal detrusor overactivity results in involuntary voiding.