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One final architectural feature of the JGCT worth noting and also seen as depicted earlier in cases of AGCT is the presence of pseudopapillae, apparently the result of cystic degeneration with resultant papillary formations protruding into cyst lumens.
In the pathological examination, ancient schwannoma, which showed widespread multifocal cystic degeneration with benign characteristics, was found.
Area of cystic degeneration, fibrinoid material surrounded by longitudinal muscles.
DiscussionRetrovesical cysts especially in male patients resemble cystic degeneration of prostatic hyperplasia.
(1) The traumatic theory postulates that repeated trauma results in stretching and distortion of the vessel wall, which leads to destruction and cystic degeneration of the adventitia.
The differential diagnosis includes simple cysts, echinococcal cysts, liver abscesses, cystic degeneration of a liver neoplasm, Caroli's disease, posttraumatic cysts, and polycystic diseases.
Apart from cystic degeneration in myomata and cystic dilatation of cervical mucous glands, a cyst of the uterus is a comparative rarity (Mills, 1955).
This results in cystic degeneration and dilatation of the duct as well as an increased risk of malignant transformation in the biliary epithelium.
In the intermediate host, eggs hatch and form the larval cysts that pass through the intestinal mucosa into the portal circulation and are usually entrapped in the capillary bed of the liver or the lungs, undergo cystic degeneration developing into clear fluid-filled cysts-Hydatid cysts (Fig.
(4,5) Rim enhancement of the soft-tissue mass is a feature that most strongly supports a diagnosis of TB spondylitis (2,3) but this is also seen in pyogenic spondylitis (5) and may occur when enhancing neoplasms show cystic degeneration. (5) Involvement of a disc in conjunction with a vertebral body is considered a strong pointer to an infective spondylitis (2) but has been shown with metastatic disease3 and other neoplasms.
Cystic degeneration was present in half the leiomyosarcomas, said Dr.
It's not unusual for a myometrial cyst to be misreported as "cystic degeneration in a fibroid," he added.