cystic bronchiectasis

cys·tic bron·chi·ec·ta·sis

bronchiectasis in which the bronchi end in blind sacs greater in diameter than the draining bronchi.
See also: saccular bronchiectasis.
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Conditions that may mimic cystic bronchiectasis include:
Cystic Bronchiectasis with Signet Ring Sign seen in Medical Seg of ML and Inferior Seg of Lingular Lobe
Cystic bronchiectasis may be differentiated from bullae by the difference in the inspiration and expiration CT.
Hence, at last, the patient was diagnosed as having cystic bronchiectasis with intracystic hemorrhage.
The radiographic extent of bronchiectasis was determined according to established computed tomography criteria using the following scoring system: grade 1: localized bronchiectasis affecting one or part of one bronchopulmonary segment, grade 2: bronchiectasis in more than one bronchopulmonary segment (extensive), and grade 3: generalized cystic bronchiectasis (16).
Briefly, each lung lobe (considering the lingula and middle lobe as independent) was scored as 0 (no bronchiectasis), 1 (cylindrical bronchiectasis in a single lung segment), 2 (cylindrical bronchiectasis > 1 lung segment), or 3 (cystic bronchiectasis).
Cystic bronchiectasis, sometimes referred to as saccular, features sharply reduced bronchial subdivisions and dilated bronchi terminating in cystic, pus-filled cavities.
A case of congenital partial pericardial defect and anomaly of phrenic nerve with cystic bronchiectasis. Jpn J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 1998; 46: 446-9.
They were graded as 0 for no bronchiectasis, 1 for tubular bronchiectasis, 2 for varicose bronchiectasis and 3 for cystic bronchiectasis, with one extra mark per lobe if central bronchiectasis was present.
In sacular, or cystic bronchiectasis, the bronchial dilation increases toward the peripheral areas of lung.
The differential diagnosis includes pleuropulmonary blastoma (PPB), pulmonary sequestration, congenital lobar emphysema, diaphragmatic hernia, bronchogenic cyst and cystic bronchiectasis. [11] Radiographically, PPB shows either intra-cystic mass or septal thickening, same as CCAM.
The various lesions identified were macronodules with halo sign, cystic bronchiectasis with mucus impaction in dilated bronchi giving "finger in glove" appearance, fungal ball in preformed cavities of lung giving "air crescent" or meniscus sign (14).