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Decarboxycystine; forms when cystine is distilled. The disulfide of cysteamine.
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For the cystamine-glutaraldehyde method, the crystal was immersed in a cystamine solution (10 mmol/L cystamine, 50 mmol/L phosphate buffer, 0.
In this experiment, five immobilization methods, including adsorption, protein A, ConA, cystamine-glutaraldehyde, and cystamine, were used to immobilize anti-AFP MAbs on the gold surface of quartz crystals.
3 shows that the reusability of quartz crystals prepared by the cystamine method developed in our laboratory was better than those of the other methods.
The internal standard was cystamine dihydrochloride, which was added to all samples to achieve a final concentration of 10 [micro] mol/L free thiol (in 100-micro] L assay volume).
The use of cystamine as the internal standard significantly improves the precision of this method and overcomes the matrix effect of plasma.
Thiol-containing amino acids were analyzed with cystamine as an internal standard as previously described (21).