One-sided congenital defect of the lower abdominal wall (eventration) with defective development of the corresponding lower limb.
[G. kyllos, deformed, esp. clubfooted or bandy-legged, + sōma, body]
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The other associated malformations such as cyllosomas (another name for limb-body wall complex) are defined as anomaly consisting of two of the following three fetal anomalies: (a) thoracoabdominoschisis or abdominoschisis, (b) limb defect, (c) craniofacial defects: cleft lip/palate, encephalocele, exencephaly, among others [27].
It is also labeled by other authors as congenital absence or aplasia of the umbilical cord, limb-body-wall complex, cyllosomas, or tethered fetus syndrome.