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Of, relating to, or having the shape of a cylinder, especially of a circular cylinder.
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6 x zoom lens feature, are cylindrically shaped point-and-shoot cameras and also have the ability to store photos and video on memory cards.
Coils were arranged cylindrically in both the upper and lower parts of the heat exchanger.
In a cylindrically symmetric case the local electric and magnetic contributions can outbalance each other, but only partly in a spherical axisymmetric case [3].
The ultrasonic transducer is a cylindrically focused transducer (central frequency 3.
Ghatak, "Simple numerical technique for the analysis of cylindrically symmetric refractive-index profile optical fibers," Applied Optics, Vol.
Xu, "Closed-form solutions for analysis of cylindrically conformal microstrip antennas with arbitrary radii," IEEE Trans.
Rolith's internationally patented method is based on a proprietary implementation of near-field optical lithography using cylindrically shaped rolling masks.
Using radiation heat flux distribution in a cylindrically symmetric no isothermal gas with temperature-dependent absorption coefficient methodology presented in [24] the system of Eq.
Most hammers are between 1-2 kg in weight, the majority being composed of quartzitic sandstone or a dense igneous rock, typically cylindrically shaped, with a smooth rather than rough, and a rounded rather than angular form.
In contrast to the experiments, where a rectangular block has been used as a target, we assumed a cylindrically symmetric geometry of the target in the models.
Heavily silicified cylindrically shaped and filamentous Aulacoseira taxa need turbulence to remain in the water column.
Rich's survey uncovered a curious feature of how the bar rotates: cylindrically, like a toilet roll holder, even as it spins with the pinwheel of the rest of the galaxy.