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Of, relating to, or having the shape of a cylinder, especially of a circular cylinder.
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Radiant heat flux distribution in a cylindrically symmetric no isothermal gas with temperature-dependent absorption coefficient, J.
Heavily silicified cylindrically shaped and filamentous Aulacoseira taxa need turbulence to remain in the water column.
The pellets are cylindrically shaped with right-angle edges and have a good degree of uniformity.
Rich's survey uncovered a curious feature of how the bar rotates: cylindrically, like a toilet roll holder, even as it spins with the pinwheel of the rest of the galaxy.
The third model was of a patellar tendon-bearing socket design for a person with a bony and cylindrically shaped residual limb.
Note: The MOSS type tank is a spherically shaped LNG tank supported and fixed to the vessel by a cylindrically shaped skirt structure.
The domain is considered to be a cylindrically symmetric pipe section.
It is cylindrically shaped overall, with concave sides so that the fastener resembles an hourglass.
In both the anterior and posterior sections, there was a disassociation of extensively cement penetrated bone from the more distal cylindrically reamed bone.
The roller/rolling way contact characteristics: a Hertzian pressure distribution; Newtonian lubricant behavior; the roller was conveniently cylindrically sliced; for each slice the sliding speed and the contact pressure is constant (Noronha, 1990), (Shroeder, 1994), and the elementary friction force is:
Manning said the smaller capacity fuel tank - cylindrically shaped and encased in a graphite fiber shell to withstand the higher pressures inherent with compressed natural gas - gives the Civic 200 to 250 miles of range.
Thermoelasticity of cylindrically anisotropic generally laminated cylinders.