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Shaped like a cylinder; referring to a cylinder.
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Etymology: From Latin cylindrus (cylindric), in reference to the characteristic, rather cylindrical metasoma.
Finally the total field attenuation coefficient [](x) through the cylindric tree top model, where the Rician fading process overlays the deterministic attenuation of the cylinder, is calculated by
Conidia were solitary, initially hyaline later pale to light golden yellow, thin and smooth walled, cylindric to cylindro-obclavate, straight or nearly so, 0-8 septate, sometimes constricted at septa, obconic base, sub obtuse to bluntly rounded tip, 10-130 x 4-6 u m
Stipe: 1.0-1.5cm long and 1-2mm wide, cylindric, position central, surface fibrillose, concolor with the pileus.
At the end of this work, we defined an extensional algebra for the FOL (different from standard cylindric algebras) and the commutative homomorphic diagram that expresses the generalization of the Tarskian theory of truth for the FOL into the Frege/Russell's theory of meaning.
It is a cylindric coordinate system with its point of origin in the regarded point of the mesh.
* Perfect rings can be found in all our ranges; they give rise to the cylindric form of the faucets; * Seven degrees is the angle at which the levers of the faucet collections are pitched; this subtle incline enhances the user experience best; and * Lozenge shapes visually interpret the Grohe sensual minimalism philosophy.
THIS SPREAD (FROM LEFT): Suede fuchsia open-toe strappy sandal and python Karung sandal with cylindric heel, both BURAK UYAN.
Two tenders for the supply of (a) cylindric shaped rubber fenders for Alexandria and Dekheila sea ports, also (b) five hydraulic fire fighting systems to replace those operated manual for the locomotives.
Primary stability, insertion torque and bone density of cylindric implant ad modum Branemark: Is there a relationship?
Among the topics are correlating assessment parameters on geometrical features of surface texture, a feasibility analysis of solving contact problems of roller bearings by the finite element method, an improved element-free method for compressing a cylindric tube, design considerations in high strength plate levelers, testing stress and analyzing strength of a vibrating cooler, and different circular saw structures for reducing saw noise.
The evolution (PDE) on [t.sup.1.sub.0] [less than or equal to] [t.sup.1] [less than or equal to] [t.sup.1.sub.1] shows that the surface of evolution is a cylindric quadrilateral fixed by the origin generator [x.sup.i]([t.sup.1.sub.0], [t.sup.2]) = [x.sup.i.sub.0] and with the terminal point generator [x.sup.i]([t.sup.1.sub.1], [t.sup.2]) = [x.sup.i.sub.1].