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With gas smuggling cases on the rise lately -- an estimated 1,000 cylinders are illegally transported daily -- Colonel Sami Khamis Al Naqbi, director general of Sharjah Civil Defence, said tough action will be taken against each violator because of the risk it poses to lives.
Henceforth, dealing with another brands cylinders will be an offence.LPG cylinder brand owners may enter into a mutual LPG exchange agreement to enhance their access to the LPG cylinder market, the proposed laws say.
The relationship between the peak value of turbulent kinetic energy and the porosity for the permeable cylinder and the peak value of turbulent kinetic energy of bare cylinder are indicated in Fig.
The cooking gas cylinders will cost less from this month.
The new cylinder will usually be taller than the old one and may have a larger diameter to meet current insulation requirements, but it won't need a separate insulation jacket.
Choose from a vented/openvented cylinder (with a regular boiler), where water for the cylinder is drawn from a coldwater tank, or an unvented cylinder (with a system boiler), where the system is sealed and water is drawn at mains pressure.
The inspections are carried out to ensure consumer safety and include thorough inspection of the cylinder's base for rust, leakages and dents.
In the November 2015 issue of Aviation Consumer, we reported on Continental Motors' acquisition of competitor and aftermarket supplier ECi, a buy which eliminated the aftermarket Titan cylinder line.
The first cylinder I purchased, which I called cylinder #1, came in a red felt bag as originally provided by Ruger.
diameter cylinder has joined the company's line of compressed natural gas tanks for heavy-duty trucks.