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Because of the partnership with CYESIS and Forty Carrots, Lisette was able to attend weekly Talk & Play classes.
CYESIS represents just one of the many organizations partnered with Forty Carrots to bring parenting education and mental health services to the community at no cost.
POP: 50,961 PROGRAM: Cyesis Program for School-Age Parents CONTACT: Adele Raimone, Assistant Principal ADDRESS: City of Sarasota P.
DESCRIPTION: The Cyesis Program for School-Aged Parents is a segregated program for expectant mothers and students with children, both male and female, administered by the Sarasota School District.
Now she and her sister, Christina, also a teen mother enrolled in the school district's Cyesis program for teen-age parents, often visit middle schools to talk about the problems of early sexuality-and encounter the same ignorance.