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A nonpersistent nerve agent. Its NATO code is GF.
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These hazards included chemical and biological warfare agents and environmental factors of munitions destruction, nerve agents (e.g., sarin, cyclosarin), depleted uranium, mandatory vaccination prophylactics, oil well fire contaminants, and high ambient temperatures (Barth, Dursa, Bossarte, & Schneiderman, 2017).
The newly discovered ethyl sarin was tagged as GE, and a chemical called cyclosarin was designated GF.
In a cyclosarin model of poisoning in a cat, Sundwall (7) showed that the efficiency of oxime was related to its plasma concentration.
Other OP compounds include Tabun, a deadly compound that was developed in 1936 by German scientists during World War II, followed by Sarin (1938), Soman (1944), Cyclosarin (1949) and VX (1952) respectively.
Effects of low-level exposure to sarin and cyclosarin during the 1991 Gulf War on brain function and brain structure in US veterans.
The claims are directed to both film forming coatings (paints, clear coatings) and non-film forming coatings having enzymes capable of providing decontamination organophosphorus-based pesticides and chemical warfare agents (VX, soman, sarin, cyclosarin, tabun) from surfaces upon application of the coatings.
A number of factors have been evaluated as to their potential etiologic role in precipitating the GW syndrome, including sand flies, molds, infectious agents, vaccines, medical prophylaxis (for example, pyridostigmine bromide), pesticides, depleted uranium, oil-fire smoke, biological and chemical warfare agents (including sarin and cyclosarin), and psychological stress.
The chemical is also used in the manufacture of the nerve agents sarin and cyclosarin. It is listed on China's Certain Chemicals and Related Equipment and Technologies Export Control List and requires the issuance of an export license for export.
The report says: "We assess that Baghdad has begun renewed production of mustard, sarin, GF (cyclosarin) and VX" whereas the White Paper says "Baghdad has begunC*", as if it were certainty.
The same media failed to fully inform people that the UN twice threatened military action against Iraq, in 1998 and 2002, or that the best Hans Blix could offer, if given more time, was that there were no WMD in the areas he had been asked to inspect, or that WMD missiles, still usable, with some containing cyclosarin - which is stronger and longer-lasting than sarin - had been found post-invasion.
In 1991, soldiers destroyed two large Iraqi weapons caches containing sarin and cyclosarin. Almost 100,500 soldiers were exposed to the resultant explosive plume, which drifted for 4 days, said Mr.
The blast, on March 11, 1991, forced deadly sarin and cyclosarin gas high into the air, engulfing up to 10,000 of our soldiers.