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A closed ring hydrocarbon containing five carbon atoms, isomeric with pentene.
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[15] Palette compound FGF-LLNL FGG-LLNL n-Butane 0 0 2-Methyl butane 0 0 2-Methyl hexane 0 0 Cyclopentane 14 14 1,2,4-T rimethy lbenzene 0 31 1-Hexene 14 9 n-Heptane 7 8 2,2,4-Trimethylpentane 53 38 Toluene 12 0 Table 6.
Hydrocarbons like 1-hexene, Cyclopentane ethylidene-, Cyclohexene 3-methyl-, Cyclopentane 1,2-dimethyl-, Cyclohexane methyl-, Cyclopentane ethyl- which are mostly cyclic in nature, are not present among the major compounds in the parent catalytic oil but here in the lighter fraction distilled at 100C, these have got a significant level in respect of concentration.
[ClickPress, Mon Apr 22 2019] The report studies the " Cyclopentane Market " worldwide, especially in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, India and Other Regions with production, size, growth, revenue, consumption, import and export in these regions.
Relative Deposit Ignition Tendency of Various Fuels [24] RELATIVE DEPOSIT IGNITION TENDENCY OF VARIOUS FUELS Abnormal Ignition Rate, % Relative to that with Isooctane (1) Aspirated Wild Ping Particle Aspirated Teat Results Results by Particle Fuel by Mikita Sabina and Results by Hydrocarbon and Sturgis (2) Mikita (3) Authors (4) Methylcyclohexane 94 (--) Isooctane 100 (75) 100 100 (90) Cyclopentane 119 (--) Xylene 162 (131) 131 Toluene 182 (156) 150 161 (--) Cyclohexane 212 (119) -- (166) Diisobutylene 225 (14) 161 155 (--) Methylcyclopentane 325 (81) Benzene 450 (443) 300 263 (255) Ethylbenzene 500 (411) Cumene 555 (394) 345 Avg of Commercial Gasolines (170) (120) (2) Values shown in brackets arc for 3 ml TEL/gal added to blend.
Compounds regularly distribute along oblique lines according to the degree of branching and number of alkyl-substituents attached to the cyclic group, which are ultimately identified as the branched cyclopentane and cyclohexane isomers.
The circulating refrigerant is isobutane rather than freon (a chlorofluorocarbon), and thus does not damage the ozone layer; the insulating foam in the fridge walls is blown using cyclopentane, again in place of a chlorofluorocarbon.
The non-synthetic & naturally occurring substances capable of being utilized as cooling agents in air conditioning systems include water, air, ammonia, CO2 and hydrocarbons such as cyclopentane, butane and propane.
[USPRwire, Wed Mar 06 2019] Growth of the global cyclopentane market is mainly bound to micro-economic and macro-economic factors.