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Denoting or relating to cyclopia.
Synonym(s): cyclopean

cyclopean, cyclopian

pertaining to a cyclops.

cyclopean deformity
there are two identified causes in animals, poisoning of sheep by the plant veratrumcalifornicum, and one of the two forms of inherited prolonged gestation in cattle.
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This transformation to cyclopean vision is central to figuring that out.
In that waystation, the corporate surveillance of the watching man and the red eye merge in the photo-portraits that ring the room, all of various stately, besuited men gazing down; though it was not clear from the first shot of the first portrait behind and above Hulot, it is now apparent that each man's lapel, at Hulot's eye level, sports a red object the same size as the console's cyclopean light.
Her look is convex as in projection, cyclopean, in the image of western outlook with which she is caught up when she denounces the tussle of paternalistic orientation behind the contented mask of the international revolutionary of the bourgeois world.
Under this viewing condition, the origin o is located at the position of cyclopean eye.
whatever house he builds, it will be a house of death: a labyrinth of cyclopean walls to hide him from his Minotaur.
The image of Cthulhu, an immortal alien temporarily buried in that Cyclopean masonry, is carved into a clay bas-relief when the student dreams of those monstrous cities, implying for us, by the end of the story, a subconscious form of communication taking place by means of that same grotesque, scaly, unworldly image.
If it weren't for Jason at Cyclopean records, who put out our album, none of this would have happened.
However, as Rowe said of the entrance, it appears reminiscent of the Lion Gate, Mycenae, or its neighbour Agamemnon's Tomb: 'It is a frontal and enclosing presence, Cyclopean and Mycenean.
The Cyclopean stone arch at Wapping Dock, to which Florence Gerston refers, is a spectacular example of craftsmanship and design.
When he finally turns toward the camera, Keaton's famous dead-pan face is shown with a patch over one eye, as though to indicate that just as the cyclopean eye of the camera reifies its subject, so the subject is sight impaired.
Its Heideggerian rereading of Said is erudite and interesting, but also seems somewhat forced and cyclopean.
En route enjoy a diversion with the ropeway ride There's more to Rajgir though--there's the Cyclopean Wall that once encircled the city, the Karanda Tank where the Buddha used to bathe and the Sonbhandar caves fabled as King Bimbisara's treasury which, locals say, still contains the riches.