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[29] Regarding the nature of breast pain, cyclical mastalgia was more common in both the treatment groups.
A clinical trial of low fat carbohydrate diet in patients with cyclical mastalgia. Breast Cancer Res and Treat 1987; 10:117.
According to Goss, as cited in the review study by Rosolewich, flaxseed is listed as the first-line treatment of cyclical mastalgia [21].
Furthermore, previous studies have indicated contradictory results in terms of the effect of omega-3 fatty acids on cyclical mastalgia. In one study conducted in Iran, omega-3 fatty acid decreased breast tenderness [22,23].
In the Postmenopausal women, noncyclic mastalgia was observed to be associated with early onset of breast pain and orientation along the breast/chest wall more so along the lateral wall as compared to cyclical mastalgia with a statistically significant late onset above 24 years (P = 0.006).
Cheung, "Management of cyclical mastalgia in oriental women: pioneer experience of using gamolenic acid (Efamast[R]) in Asia," Australian and New Zealand Journal of Surgery, vol.
There is no concensus on the efficacy of these recommendations, although a decrease in body fat may decrease circulating oestrogens and therefore reduce cyclical mastalgia.
of Patients Percentage Fibroadenoma 47 39.16% Fibrocystic disease 37 30.83% Cyclical Mastalgia 10 8.3% Non-cyclical mastalgia 6 5% Breast Abscess 9 7.50% Gynaecomastia 9 7.50% Breast cyst 4 3.33% Lipoma 3 2.50% Mastitis 2 1.67% Phyllodes tumour 2 1.67% Accessory breast tissue 1 0.83% Duct ectasia 1 0.83% Galactocele 1 0.83% Total 120 100.00% Table 4.
Peak incidence of cyclical mastalgia is noted in the 3rd decade of life.
Evening primrose oil (a mixture of linoleic and linolenic acid) has been shown to be effective in patients with cyclical mastalgia. It is regarded by most patients as a natural homeopathic substance whose only significant side-effect is nausea.
Cyclical mastalgia: clinical and mammography observations in a screened population.
She also had complaints of cyclical mastalgia. Examination revealed a solitary swelling measuring 1 x 0.5 cm situated in the superficial portion of the upper inner quadrant of right breast.