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, cyclical (siklik, -li-kăl)
1. Pertaining to, or characteristic of, a cycle; occurring periodically, denoting the course of the symptoms in certain diseases or disorders.
2. chemistry Pertaining to a molecule containing a ring of atoms; denoting a cyclic compound.
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, cyclical (sī′klik, sik′lik; sī′kli-kăl, sik′li-kăl) [L. cyclicus fr. Gr. kyklikos, circular]
1. Periodic.
2. Having a ring-shaped structure.
3. Pert. to or affected by menstruation.
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, cyclical (siklik, -li-kăl)
Pertaining to, or characteristic of, a cycle; occurring periodically, denoting the course of the symptoms in certain diseases or disorders.
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Considering equations 1 and 2, the significance of coefficients [[beta].sub.4] and [[beta].sub.5], and [[gamma].sub.2] and [[gamma].sub.3] respectively, would mean the monetary and fiscal policy to be pro-cyclical or counter cyclical at threshold level of institutional quality; the insignificance of these parameters would indicate the a-cyclicality of the fiscal as well as the monetary policy.
A cyclical Ramadan brings me closer to God, which is the main reason for fasting.
When you take the time to put your circumstances in their cyclical context, you will begin to recognise the patterns.
Section I reviews previous research on cyclical fluctuations in labor force participation.
In such an analysis, one would compute a forecast of the series of interest for the recovery years, conditioning on a variable or a set of variables that describe cyclical behavior.
In the table below, we report the correlation between the cyclical component of each of these series and lags and leads of the cyclical components of real GDP and real GDI.
In an initial study with 157 participants, the researchers found that participants who were prompted to take a linear perspective - focused on achieving goals so that the future will be easier - projected they would save less money in the next month than those who read about a cyclical method, focused on making routines and habits now to repeat over time.
The etiology of cyclical mastalgia is not known; however, since it starts in luteal phase, hormonal stimulation might be the cause.
Our model treats each of the four variables as a combination of a trend component, which moves relatively slowly over time, and a cyclical component, which fluctuates with the business cycle.
Fiscal and monetary policies are used to smooth the cyclical fluctuations in output.
Breast pain can be divided into two types: cyclical, which is associated with menstrual periods, and non-cyclical, which isn't.
The main challenges include the current excessive cyclical divergences and imbalances due to the interest rate set by the ECB, the high risk of contagion in the banking system and major deficiencies in fiscal policy coordination.