cyclic peptide

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cy·clic pep·tide

a peptide that forms a ring structure; for example, tyrocidin A, an antibiotic, is a cyclic decapeptide; valinomycin is a cyclic depsipeptide.
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We will design tubular supramolecular polymers, supramolecular polymer brushes (SPBs), based on the self-assembly of cyclic peptide polymer conjugates.
Facile synthesis of orthogonally protected amino acid building blocks for combinatorial N-backbone cyclic peptide chemistry.
Some rrs mutations also confer resistance to the cyclic peptide antibiotic CAP .
In our study, the cyclic peptide, Pep42, CTVALPGGYVRVC, was selected for its ability to target and internalize within the Glucose Regulated Protein 78 (GRP78) harboring tumor cell lines.
Chemicals called cyclic peptide inhibitors can stop sweet-toothed cancer cells from growing.
mMass as a software tool for the annotation of cyclic peptide tandem mass spectra.
Isolation, structural characterization, and properties of mattacin (polymyxin M), a cyclic peptide antibiotic produced by Paenibacillus kobensisM.
Microcystin-LR, a cyclic peptide released by several bloom-forming toxic cyanobacteria, is a potent cytotoxicant and has been shown to induce cellular proliferation resulting in a tumor-promoting activity in hepatocytes.
The yield of this 5-KDa water soluble cyclic peptide is 0.
Seventeen CYA metabolites are known, all retain the cyclic peptide structure, with mono- and di-hydroxylation and/or N-demethylation biotransformations occurring.
Topics of the 15 chapters include modification of peptides and other drugs using lipoamino acids and sugars, synthesis of cell-penetrating peptides for cargo delivery, expressed protein ligation for protein semi-synthesis and engineering, quenched fluorescent substrate-based peptidase assays, cyclic peptide libraries, and peptide bioconjugates.
The group, however, has had difficulty closing the nine-unit cyclic peptide, which is a shortchain protein.

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