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Organizations that have extensively implemented a distribution strategy have a clear advantage with regard to cycle times for their customer orders.
A 2x2 repeated measures experimental design was used in this study as it would allow the effects of the two factors hypothesized to influence muscle fatigue development, namely, cycle time and force variation levels, to be investigated.
The recorded internal air temperature profiles of the three molds have been compared to each other to determine the overall cycle time reductions because of surface enhancement.
from model A to B, and the current cycle time (CT) for both models is 1 min./panel.
The XHD-160 offers a 40-hp motor and 150,000 psi in compaction force with a reported cycle time of 35 seconds.
Encourage the team to think of the time value of money and the importance of reducing the cycle time for project implementation.
* More component-level testing should be allowed (with government oversight) to facilitate reduced spiral cycle time.
* The current study examines the relationship between internationalization and cycle time, and how their interaction relates to firm performance.
Cycle time for the commercial part is 150 ns; cycle time for the industrial part is 350 ns.
Over the past year, the IRS's Large and Mid-Size Business Division (LMSB) has been working on improving the traditional audit process by reducing examination cycle time the time from the return filing to the close of the examination.
With configurable business rules for approving and routing return requests based on product line and type or amount of return, Returns reduces the administrative effort and cycle time inherent in processing return requests.