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Any premeditated, politically-motivated attack by sub-national groups or clandestine agents against information, computer systems, computer programs, and data which results in violence against non-combatant targets
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He has presented on the topics of cyberwar, cyber defense, and threat actors in 28 countries on six continents.
17) Vincent Manzo, "Stuxent and the Dangers of Cyberwar," National Interest (January 29, 2013), http://nationalinterest.
The seminar highlighted the importance of cyberwar as one of the key elements in modern warfare, its impact on collecting and analyzing information and on major sources of energy, telecommunications and industry in states.
LIBICKI, CYBERDETERRENCE AND CYBERWAR 3-4 (2009) ("[M]illions, perhaps tens of millions, of computers today are bots, capable of being controlled by nefarious others their owners have never met.
Taipei: Taiwan is preparing to launch a fourth cyberwar unit, a local newspaper reported Wednesday, in response to what it claims is a growing security threat from Chinese hackers.
I don't know about you, but if I had to pick my favorite kind of war, it would be cyberwar.
Baker further claims that any attempts to "impose limits on cyberwar [are] .
George, a former National Security Agency official, commented on recent developments: "Other countries are preparing for a cyberwar.
Senior Management Scientist, RAND Corporation, and author, Cyberdeterrence and Cyberwar (RAND, 2009)
20) Cyberwar is at the forefront of national security, making the need for a governing legal framework more urgent than ever.
In the end, both Cyber War and Cyberdeterrence and Cyberwar cast light on important areas of cyber warfare that must be contemplated by researchers, military staff colleges, and policymakers at the national level.
9) Cyberwar Escalates Cyberwar skirmishes will occur almost daily.