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Any premeditated, politically-motivated attack by sub-national groups or clandestine agents against information, computer systems, computer programs, and data which results in violence against non-combatant targets
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Sequential prosecutions of cyberterrorists would help achieve the dual objectives of reducing international tension and ensuring that cyberterrorists do not escape with impunity.
Hitherto, NATO had not considered attacks by cyberterrorists as armed attacks.
Department of Defense and military cyber security organizations, such as the Center for Asymmetric Warfare, are beginning to express concern that the ease with which a hospital's internet security can be breached will create an inviting 'soft target' for cyberterrorists.
As we continue to debate the semantics of its definition and look for concrete examples of how cyberterrorists might bring down a business or a nation, perhaps the most pressing matter is to understand the nature of the threat.
Likening his vision of the future to the Bruce Willis action flick "Die Hard 4," Kapersky worries that someday cyberterrorists will be able to hack into nuclear power plants, cellular towers or electric power grids to cause mass upheaval and destruction.
the "the true threat is not what damage cyberterrorists can inflict
Cyberterrorists and attackers intelligently mutate their attack signatures; utilizing alternate channels.
There were also fears cyberterrorists could disrupt the event after they hacked into F1's website.
John Mariotti, an accomplished non-fiction author with a background in engineering and telecommunications, has studied the threat posed by cyberterrorists.
Moreover, the Justice Department has been aggressively pursuing cyberterrorists, and recently passed laws will have an impact on legitimate businesses as well.
Cyberterrorists and hackers are constantly creating new ways to assault government computer systems.