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pertaining to or caused by a virus.
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Of, pertaining to, or caused by a virus.
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1. Of, relating to, or caused by a virus.
2. Of or relating to the rapid propagation of information, ideas, or trends by means of social networks rather than conventional mass media: viral marketing.

vi′ral·ly adv.
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Of, pertaining to, or caused by a virus.
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Inflammation of the liver, due usually to viral infection but sometimes to toxic agents.
[hepat- + -itis]

hep·a·ti·tis, vi·ral, non-A, non-B

(NANB) (hepă-tītis, vīrăl)
Disease due to viral agents other than hepatitis viruses A or B.
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Patient discussion about viral

Q. What are the causes of viral blisters on the skin? For a few months now I've been having these hard viral blisters on my fingers. The only way to get rid of them is with freezed carbon. It does go away with that treatment- after a few weeks but then a new one appears. How can I prevent it from "attacking" again??

A. These viral blisters you are describing are caused by HPV (papilloma virus), and are very hard to get rid of without treatment with freezed carbon. Many of us have the virus but not everyone gets the actual infection. There is not a proved way of preventing from it to happen again after treatment, unfortunately..

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Ressa is facing a cyberlibel charge over a 2012 article accusing businessman Wilfredo Keng of lending his vehicle to the late former Chief Justice Renato Corona.
Aside from Tulfo, the complaints for three counts of libel and seven counts of cyberlibel lodged before the Quezon City Prosecutor's Office included as coaccused Manila Times president and chief executive Dante Francis Ang II, and editors Rene Bas, Blanca Mercado, Nerilyn Tenorio, Leena Chua, Arnold Belleza and Lynette Luna.
But they pointed out that the allegation is "not only bare, unsubstantiated and false, but can hardly constitute basis to consider charging her with the crimes of sedition, inciting to sedition and cyberlibel.
Recently, Manila RTC Branch 46 Presiding Judge Rainelda Estacio-Montesa issued a resolution, turning down Ressa's motion which sought to dismiss the cyberlibel case against her.
The PNP-Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) filed sedition, inciting to sedition, cyberlibel, libel, estafa, harboring a criminal and obstruction of justice against more than 30 respondents including opposition senatorial candidates.
Medialdea went to the Manila Prosecutors Office to file the complaint alleging two counts of libel and two counts of cyberlibel against Tulfo, who writes for the broadsheet The Manila Times.
Among the numerous charges it is facing, Rappler has been charged with cyberlibel over an article it published about "shady" businessman Wilfredo Keng.
'Bikoy' released from detention !-- -- Emmanuel Tupas (The Philippine Star) - August 3, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines Peter Joemel Advincula, the man claiming to be "Bikoy" in the "Ang Totoong Narcolist" videos, is once again a free man after he posted bail on charges of cyberlibel filed against him by a businessman.
Peter Joemel Advincula aka "Bikoy" of the "Ang Totoong Narcolist" videos has posted bail at the CIDG on Wednesday over the cyberlibel case filed against him.
A local court in the City of Manila junked Rappler Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Maria Ressa's move to dismiss her cyberlibel case.
Advincula surrendered to the police on Monday following a warrant of arrest issued against him on charges of cyberlibel. The case stemmed from a complaint of Bicolano businessman Elizalde "Zaldy" Co after he was tagged in the viral "Ang Totoong Narco List" videos.
Gadon did not identify the court where they plan to post bail for the release of Advincula, who is now at the CIDG-National Capital Region Field Unit at Camp Crame, after the Legazpi City Regional Trial Court Branch 5 released a warrant of arrest against him over a cyberlibel case filed by businessman Elizaldy 'Zaldy' Co.