Web Rage

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Extreme anger caused by internet (world wide web) frustrations such as slow downloads, broken links, and searches that return useless information
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"Prevalence, psychological impact, and coping of cyberbully victims among college students." journal of School Violence 11 (1) January: 21-37.
In face-to-face bullying the bully can see the impact as the attack happens whereas the cyberbully cannot see any of the outcomes, perhaps resulting in further aggression.
It makes no difference if the cyberbully is on his or her phone at home or at school the result is the same.
Some of the methods students can use to cyberbully others include:
If a child is being cyberbullied, it's important to "stop, block, and report." The child who is being bullied should immediately stop engaging with the cyberbully, and then block and report the cyberbully.
Schreiber points out that the cyberbully doesn't see his or her victim, which makes it easier to have less empathy than in a face-to-face interaction.
Cyberbully research center [Identifying the causes of cyberbullying].
CyberBully Alert (www.cyberbullyalert.com) is software program that helps document cyberbullying by saving a screen shot of the computer when the child clicks on the CyberBully Alert icon.
Girls are more likely to cyberbully than boys because girls tend to gravitate toward social network sites and boys tend to gravitate toward sites where they can play online games.