Web Rage

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Extreme anger caused by internet (world wide web) frustrations such as slow downloads, broken links, and searches that return useless information
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When asked to draw or describe what they thought a cyberbully looks like, there is a significant difference in opinion which points towards lack of understanding and awareness amongst children.
Furthermore, when students attack others in cyberspace, they are not likely to see an immediate response from their victims; consequently, students who cyberbully often do not have an accurate idea of the inappropriateness of their conduct (Hinduja & Patchin, 2011).
How does technology make it easier for a teen to become a cyberbully or the victim of one?
Victims of the cyberbully may withdraw from school activities, and become ill, depressed, or suicidal (Willard, 2006a).
If convicted, a cyberbully could also face an obligatory deportation.
Cyberbully Channel 4, 9pm It's been claimed that 69% of young people in the UK have experienced some form of cyberbullying.
The Act provides for significant search-and-seizure powers permitting an investigative squad (without notice to the alleged cyberbully) to enter homes, remove computers and cellphones, and obtain records of everything an individual has done on the Internet including obtaining all texts that the purported cyberbully sent and received.
Department of Health and Human Services, teens may be more likely to cyberbully because it's easier to type mean words than to say them.
Girls are more likely to cyberbully than boys because girls tend to gravitate toward social network sites and boys tend to gravitate toward sites where they can play online games.
Designed for viewers from grade 6 to adult, 7 Ways to Block a Cyberbully is an educational DVD to cyber self-defense in the modern world of the Internet, social networking sites, text messaging and cell phones.
WHO: CyberBully Hotline Executives and Attorneys from Powell & Leon, L.