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(sī'ă-not'ik), Avoid substituting the substandard cyanosed for this word.
Relating to or marked by cyanosis.
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Relating to or marked by cyanosis.
Synonym(s): cyanosed.
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Marked by bluish discoloration of the skin due to a lack of oxygen in the blood. It is one of the types of congenital heart disease.
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Cyanotic congenital heart (all forms), Double-outlet ventricle, Eisenmenger syndrome, Mitral Atresia, Single ventricle
Of the 75 children, most had acyanotic heart diseases seen in 46 (61.3%), these had the lowest mean age 2.1 [+ or -] 1.1 years, 20 children were from the cyanotic group (26.6%), while the remaining 9 (12.0%) children the mean age 10.2 [+ or -] 2.5 years, had various valvular repair for RHD, except for 2 of them who had valvular replacement; a 15 and 17-year-old males that had MS in combination with other lesions.
Tetrology of Fallots was the most common cyanotic CHD (35.29%) followed by transposition of great arteries (17.65%).13
Cyanotic congenital heart disease occurs in 9.5% of all congenital cardiac defects, and 62% of these patients are women.
On admission, she was unconscious, with diffuse diaphoresis, cyanotic lips and skin, absent pulse and BP, jugular venous distension, and scattered wet rales.
The study group included a total of 80 children, 40 of whom had cyanotic CHD [Fallot tetralogy n=27, transposition of the great arteries n=9, Ebstein anomaly n=1, total anomalous pulmonary venous return (TAPVR) n=3], and 40 had acyanotic CHD [aortic stenosis (mild-moderate) n=3, coarctation of the aorta (mild) n=1, pulmonary stenosis (mild-moderate) n=4, patent ductus arteriosus n=2, atrial septal defect n=12, ventricular septal defect n=18], and their mothers.
Based on the child's coloration during the spell, BHS is classified as "pallid type" if there is a powerful cardiac inhibition with a slight respiratory effect and as "cyanotic type" if there is an intense respiratory inhibition with a slight cardiac effect (18, 19).
Cyanotic refers to a bluish or purplish discoloration that occurs when blood levels of oxygen are low.
Of the 50 cases, 12 (24%) were diagnosed with cyanotic and 38 (76%) with acyanotic CHD.
(23) TGA is one of the common forms of cyanotic heart disease, and initial management can include atrial septostomy to treat the initial cyanosis.
The headache-inducing, walkout-worthy gabfest is more kadiri than kwela-but, at least JC and Ryza look like they don't mind yakking their blues away until they turn cyanotic.
The second type is the cyanotic or blue Breath holding spells.