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R-CHOH-CN; addition compounds of HCN and aldehydes.
Synonym(s): cyanalcohols
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In order to provide the cyanohydrins, first sulfonic is produced which is a sediment and then by adding potassium cyanide to the sulfonic compound, the nitrile group is replaced and the compound of 4-t-butyl-2-(Npiperidinomethyl)cyanocyclohexane is obtained which had active optical chiral centers and is a new analog of active optical cyanohydrin family.
During the consequent fermentation, roots are softened, the disintegration of the tissue structures result in the contact of linamarin with linamarase and subsequent hydrolysis to glucose and cyanohydrins which easily break down to ketone and hydrocyanic acid (Cooke, 1978).
After tissue damage, these are hydrolyzed by the endogenous enzyme linamarase to cyanohydrins. Further hydrolysis to HCN is responsible for chronic toxicity.