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R-CHOH-CN; addition compounds of HCN and aldehydes.
Synonym(s): cyanalcohols
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The site also provide products for other companies in the Tees Valley by establishing joint ventures with Ineos and Lucite International, for the conversion of its by products into refined Acetonitrile and Acetone Cyanohydrin.
However, it contains a cyanogenic glucoside, linamarin, that is hydrolyzed in two steps: the linamarin is first hydrolyzed to acetone cyanohydrin and glucose (catalyzed by the enzyme linamarase), and then the acetone cyanohydrin is hydrolyzed to acetone and hydrogen cyanide (HCN).
The actual process for making polymethyl methacrylate starts by reacting acetone with hydrogen cyanide to produce acetone cyanohydrin, which is then converted to methyl methacrylate, which in turn is then polymerized to yield polymethylmethacrylate.
Further joint ventures with Inoes and Lucite International saw plants built on the site for Acetonitrile and Acetone Cyanohydrin which uses BASF by products as raw materials for further production.
The major chemicals manufactured using hydrogen cyanide includes cyanohydrins, sodium cyanide, adiponitrile, methionine, cyanuric chlorile and chelating agents.
Medicinal plant belong to family Meliaceae, Solanaceae, Apiaceae, Laminaceae, Lauraceae and Myrtaceae actively own insecticidal or toxicological properties (cyanohydrins, monoterpenoids, thiocynates, alkaloids and others) as fumigant (Nenaah, 2014; Rajendran and Sriranjini, 2008).