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An irritating and caustic water-soluble substance, H2NCN or HN=C=NH; often used in reference to calcium cyanamide.
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The adopted experimental design was in randomized blocks, with treatments distributed in a 2 x 2 factorial scheme, referent to the doses of hydrogen cyanamide (D1: 2.45% [H.sub.2][CN.sub.2], and D2: 2.94% [H.sub.2][CN.sub.2]) and the torsion of canes (with and without), with four replicates and five plants per parcel.
Whereas better reduction in nematode population occurred when plants were treated with fungi which was comparable to Calcium cyanamide.
There were no differences among the three groups, in DM + EtOH + cyanamide + I/R versus DM + EtOH + wortmannin + I/R versus DM + EtOH + atractyloside + I/R.
Some studies have focused on soil amendments, including vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (Jie et al., 2013), calcium cyanamide and quicklime.
8, 153 (1962), Microwave Spectrum and Nonplanarity of Cyanamide.
The team tried mixing cyanamide and glycolaldehyde, two chemicals probably present in the primordial soup, to make a molecule with a bit of the sugar and the base.
Fujii (2003) suggests that with respect to Namoi woolly pod vetch, allelopathy is mainly due to the chemicals cyanamide and L-cyanoalanine.
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PD-02 is produced using a patented process that ensures a highly purified form of creatine without the harmful neurotoxins, such as cyanamide, which may be dangerous to patients with neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's.
recently launched ethambutol hydrochloride USP, its authorized generic equivalent of American Cyanamide Co.'s Myambutol.