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An irritating and caustic water-soluble substance, H2NCN or HN=C=NH; often used in reference to calcium cyanamide.
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The 1943 agreement between the General Plant Committee of North American Cyanamid Company, for example, made no mention of racism but it restricted eligibility for office in the union to British subjects or American citizens.
The principle established in American Cyanamid and in RJR-MacDonald, according to which the court should only engage in a very limited analysis of the merits of the case at the interlocutory stage, has long been applied in Quebec.
Top Companies According to Break-up Value % In- crease 1997 1996 Decrease Parke Davis 255.59 208.62 +22.51 Knoll Pharma 64.72 67.91 -4.70 SK&F 53.66 46.84 +14.49 Glaxo Wellcome 47.01 43.27 +8.46 Hoechst 41.93 55.49 -24.44 Cyanamid @36.99 @34.49 +7.25 Abbott 34.60 35.09 -1.40 Searle 25.11 26.40 -4.89 @ Share of Rs.100/-but converted into Rs.
An example: American Cyanamid, one of this country's largest manufacturers of agricultural chemicals, is intent on building a genetically engineered form of the alfalfa looper virus as a safe, fast-acting bioinsecticide.
AHP's bid doesn't tell us much about the temper of the drug industry since American Cyanamid's pharmaceutical business is no great prize.
One company, American Cyanamid, recently submitted plans to the Environmental Protection Agency to do a field test in the U.S.
Clients include American Express, Sony, Warner-Lambert, Du Pont-Merck and American Cyanamid.
In 1978, five women who worked in the lead pigments department of the American Cyanamid Company were sterilized in order to keep their jobs.
Cytec Industries, a business unit of American Cyanamid, announced the purchase of the business relating to the light stabilizers which are marketed under the Topanex trademark and clarifying/nucleating agents, marketed under the Calrifex trademark, from Zeneca Specialties of Wilimington, DE.
Cyanotech was pursuing development of spirulina, a separate biofertilizer product for the home lawn market, and the anti-oxidant betacarotene, while simultaneously conducting research under contract to American Cyanamid Corp.
A flexible benefit program, commonly referred to as a "cafeteria plan," was the central feature of a new 2-year agreement between the Lederle Laboratories Division of the American Cyanamid Co.