cutting needle

cut·ting nee·dle

a surgical needle with angulated surface designed to puncture tough tissue.
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(1) Several risk factors for PDPH have been described including larger needle size, cutting needle type, atraumatic tap, and not re-styletting the spinal needle prior to withdrawal.
* US-guided CNB under hydrodissection assistance is a safe method to obtain tissue samples from small lymph node metastases adjacent to cervical large vessels without major complications, such as injury to the vessel by cutting needle.
A 17G cutting needle or 18G Chiba biopsy needle (Precisa, Italy) was used with the connection of a 50-mL syringe needle.
Chojniak, "Computed tomography-guided cutting needle biopsy of pulmonary lesions," Revista do Hospital das Clinicas, vol.
Quincke needle, on the other hand is a cutting needle. It easily cuts through the tissues, thus offering lesser resistance along the path of the needle, making it difficult to experience the give way feel.
Coaxial cutting needle biopsies: how important is it to rotate the cutting needle between passes Clin Radiol 2007; 62:808-11.
Since the initial experience, aside from overcoming the learning curve of a new surgical approach, various techniques have been modified in order to surmount this challenge, such as closing the vaginal cuff vertically, using a cutting needle versus a tapered needle, addition of a "plus one" wristed multiport robotic arm, or replacing the single-site robotic needle driver with a multiport 5-mm needle driver.
Diffuse Pleural thickening: percutaneous CT-guided cutting needle biopsy.
The use of the Vim-Silverman cutting needle, with the patient prone, was described by several investigators (reviewed in Cameron and Hicks (11)), but the information did not become widespread until Kark and Muehrcke published their series in the Lancet in 1954.
Lung biopsy with a 12-gauge cutting needle is possible using an insertion sheath in animal models.
And there was progress towards a third goal of cutting needle addicts by a fifth before 2005.

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